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Cafe/ Hotel WIFI Hotspot

The Wi-Fi Hotspot support time-base and volume-base billing selection, so venues can set up their own billing methods by either letting the customers pay for the volume of downloads or usage time without worrying about insufficient bandwidth because Wi-Fi Hotspot has already done a good job on allocating it!
The Wi-Fi Hotspot becomes various small venues’ favorite due to its productive Wi-Fi solution in different conditions. Combining a gateway and a printer into one device, Wi-Fi Hotspot can be applied not only in fixed venues , but also in mobile conditions such as buses and yachts.
The Wi-Fi Hotspot is one of unique innovation from Handlink, it’s more than a simple Wi-Fi hotspot device; it’s also equipped with IP Plug and Play technology so there’s no need for end-users to change any settings in the their devices. It’s fast, easy and trouble free to access Internet.


  • Mode Selection

    All-In-One Instant Hotspot Gateway with built-in Thermal Printer/ AP Printer/ Wireless Printer
  • Compatible with IEE802.11n/b/g , wireless 2T2R 2.4GHz with 300Mbps high speed network
  • Support up to 50 simultaneous devices and up to 256 local accounts
  • Support QR Code print out

    Make more convenient for portable devices to login
  • AAA Control and Billing Support

    Support network access control service including Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for internet subscribers and 10 billing profiles
  • Support Rich Functions

    Transparent HTTP proxy, Layer 2 Isolation, Administration access Control , SSL login page and various WAN connections
  • VPN PASS Through

    Run your VPN or Secure tunnelling client software to connect to your company’s VPN server
  • Support WDS function with repeater mode*
  • Allow multiple devices to login one subscriber account*
  • Micro-USB to Ethernet Connector design to support multiple LAN Device usage
  • Multiple languages support

    For ticket printout format and loginpage only, language support available in English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian languages
  • IP Plug and Play Internet Access

    Zero configuration Internet access! Connect your office PC, laptop and handheld devices to the network without human intervention. It will automatically configure itself for the network
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